Class OlympusMakerNotesDecorator

  extended by
      extended by

public class OlympusMakerNotesDecorator
extends ExifAttribute

This decorator is simplified and supposes the value keeps constant size. This is intended to adjust the offsets regarding the new position of the makernotes. This Decorator is currently not of much use. Converting the offsets can not be done in this context.

Mario De Weerd

Method Summary
static ExifAttribute decorate(ExifAttribute makerNote, byte[] buffer, int tiffHeaderStart, boolean bigEndian)
          Decorate the Attribute only if needed.
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Method Detail


public static final ExifAttribute decorate(ExifAttribute makerNote,
                                           byte[] buffer,
                                           int tiffHeaderStart,
                                           boolean bigEndian)
Decorate the Attribute only if needed. (See Decorator pattern of Design Patterns).

makerNote -
buffer -
tiffHeaderStart -
bigEndian -
Decorated attribute.